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An easy way to have a 24/7 audio stream of music.


  • docker
  • docker-compose
  • Some music


  • Copy .env.example to .env and edit it
  • Put music inside music/
  • Run docker compose up -d
  • Listen to http://localhost:8000/live
    • Change 8000 with your ICECAST_PORT, live with your STREAM_MOUNTPOINT


Everything is set in the .env file (or in your shell environment).
All settings are optional but please set the passwords or they will stay to the default, hackme.

  • STREAM_NAME: A title for your stream.
  • STREAM_DESC: A description for your stream.
  • STREAM_URL: An URL (like your website) to show on the stream details.
  • STREAM_MOUNTPOINT: The name of the mountpoint that Liquidsoap will use.
  • ICECAST_PORT: The port to bind Icecast in the open.
  • ICECAST_SOURCE_PASSWORD: The password to stream audio to Icecast.
  • ICECAST_ADMIN_PASSWORD: The password for Icecast's administration.
  • ICECAST_RELAY_PASSWORD: The password for Icecast's relays.
  • ICECAST_HOSTNAME: The hostname of your Icecast installation.
  • ICECAST_MAX_SOURCES: The maximum amount of sources.
  • ICECAST_CHARSET: Setting the encoding for the metadata.

Note for ICECAST_MAX_SOURCES: If you plan to use this Icecast instance for more streams, you need to set this to 2 or more so you can use more mountpoints.