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Anime Quotes

How to add quotes

  • Add a new entry to the array in workers-site/quote.js
    Please use right apostrophes () instead of a simple single quote (') in your text
      text: 'Your quote here',
      character: 'The name of the character',
      imgName: 'some-image.png'
  • If needed, put your character picture in sourceImages
    • File has to be a transparent PNG, preferably it doesn't cut on any sides except the bottom
    • One of the two dimensions should be at least 512px long
    • The CI will run a script to make different sizes and compress the images automatically

How to dev

  • You'll need a Cloudflare account, the free tier is good enough
  • Git clone this repo
  • Get Cloudflare's Wrangler working
    • i.e. install with npm i -g wrangler
    • And then login with wrangler login
  • Copy wrangler.toml.dist to wrangler.toml and fill your account_id
    • You can get find it with wrangler whoami
  • Run wrangler dev, it will deploy the code on changes to a dev environment and open a tunnel to access it
  • Then you can try publishing the code to your account with wrangler publish


The /random route returns a random quote, pretty straightforward.
Here's an example. There's no null values, everything's a string except id.


  "text": "Remember the lesson, not the disappointment.",
  "character": "Holo The Wise Wolf",
  "imgName": "Holo.png",
  "img": "",
  "imgSizes": {
    "small": "",
    "medium": "",
    "large": ""
  "id": 7

If you have an ID, you can request that quote. Note that it starts at 0.


  "text": "Its impossible to work hard for something you dont enjoy.",
  "character": "Silica",
  "imgName": "Silica.png",
  "img": "",
  "imgSizes": {
    "small": "",
    "medium": "",
    "large": ""
  "id": 6

Calling /get...

  • without the id parameter will return a 422
  • with an id that isn't a number will return a 400
  • with an unknown id will return a 404