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Bobby Wibowo 022c786008
Fixed typos in sample nginx conf files 2 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 76b9afbf88
Updated Nginx sample configs 3 years ago
Nadya 18b5d8eed9 Fixes typo of charset_Type 5 years ago
Nadya 30e460b7f8 Improve nginx defaults 5 years ago
Kayo d7c792fa8a
Add NGINX compile warning 5 years ago
Kayo 535f12b70a
Updated real-ip-from-cf 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 34a08f036f
Updates 5 years ago
RyoshiKayo 47821474a5 Added CloudFlare Supprt for WeebDev/lolisafe#70 5 years ago
RyoshiKayo 01f1c600ed Matched ports from sample config 5 years ago
RyoshiKayo 465607cd5b Added HTTP NGINX sample config 5 years ago
Pitu 5ff33ba930 Updated README and added nginx sample configuration file 5 years ago