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Shumatsu 44ca2dd53d De loli-safe (#77) 5 years ago
Kosinus 717367320e added (#96) 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 08637b9ea9 fixed "add to album" error on uploads (#92) 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 19e965a77a SEMICOLONS, ermahgerd (#93) 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 5a4bec6b00 no-useless-return (#94) 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo fa6c33e2e9 no-mixed-spaces-and-tabs (#95) 5 years ago
Kana 9d17bb284a
Whoops 5 years ago
Kana 91331e7947
Whoops 5 years ago
Kana 917cdabcb0
Merge pull request #73 from RyoshiKayo/master 5 years ago
Kayo 5715a2d1f3
Updated README about CF support 5 years ago
Kayo 35da812a01
Mirrored nginx.sample.conf 5 years ago
Kayo d7c792fa8a
Add NGINX compile warning 5 years ago
Kayo 535f12b70a
Updated real-ip-from-cf 5 years ago
Kayo 6f7ec5d282
Updated IP's 5 years ago
Kana 40bfa143c2
Merge pull request #88 from RyoshiKayo/patch-1 5 years ago
Kayo 46bb4079c6
Added 5 years ago
Kayo a9d0e0a85c
Update github URL 5 years ago
Kana 0157388217
Merge pull request #85 from BobbyWibowo/pr-retry-names 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 5be27c129d
Uses async 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo dcb72734fe
Patch to allow "retries" when generating random name 5 years ago
Kana 46bf0da5ee
Merge pull request #78 from Shumatsu/no-powershell 5 years ago
Unknown 56e2f3ff5c Adding .jar and .scr files 5 years ago
Unknown ba8500144b Ban of .com and .ps1 uploads 5 years ago
Kana 496575dea0
Whoops 5 years ago
iCrawl 8a75ab91a6
update deps and add dockerfile 5 years ago
Kana 1a77649ce3
Merge pull request #75 from pyraxo/master 5 years ago
pyra b9cad8e4d5
Add missing column in table 'users' 5 years ago
Kana 939b5c52f7 In theory this will enable us to disable users and not break already running instances 5 years ago
RyoshiKayo d009c2dcf6 Typing is hard 5 years ago
RyoshiKayo 47821474a5 Added CloudFlare Supprt for WeebDev/lolisafe#70 5 years ago
Kana 48ec9d9559
Merge pull request #69 from RyoshiKayo/master 5 years ago
Kana f1cc65a55e
Merge pull request #68 from BobbyWibowo/master 5 years ago
RyoshiKayo a9232b905c Added NGINX SSL Version 5 years ago
RyoshiKayo 01f1c600ed Matched ports from sample config 5 years ago
RyoshiKayo 9465cce88a Renamed original NGINX config (SSL Version) 5 years ago
RyoshiKayo 465607cd5b Added HTTP NGINX sample config 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 5052cd2651
Sorry. 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 7de25210ce
Proper undefined check 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 38d77fdfbb
Fix 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo f42bd7d011
Added to 5 years ago
Kana 5db6a92334
Merge pull request #65 from vistafan12/master 5 years ago
vistafan12 e64417d0cb
added 5 years ago
Kana ef153d0cc1
Update 5 years ago
Kana 1c3ac828ed
Merge pull request #62 from EpikPhailure/patch-2 5 years ago
EpikPhailure 4ef19ed027
removed extraneous space 5 years ago
Kana 0a4729d2bd Merge pull request #58 from ScruffyRules/sharex 5 years ago
Kana eb01ab06a2 Aligned the album download button 5 years ago
ScruffyRules 9c07dda317 Fix up formatting in the sharex_file variable 5 years ago
ScruffyRules d367bc27fa Make ShareX link download a sharex file if you're logged in 5 years ago
Kana 48883d7728 Added minimum node version 5 years ago