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Shumatsu 44ca2dd53d De loli-safe (#77) 5 years ago
iCrawl 8a75ab91a6
update deps and add dockerfile 5 years ago
Pitu 992b632d1a Added album downloading through front-end 5 years ago
Pitu 4b0b015c41 Renaming and version bump 5 years ago
Pitu 6aa57285d4 Removed eslint file, enforced it on package.json 5 years ago
Pitu e6bd937879 Added handlebars dependency and yarn.lock 5 years ago
Caroline ce23b0f19d Keep the bad guys out >:c (#36) 6 years ago
Pitu dfcbac0c31 Version v2.2.0 bump 6 years ago
Pascal Temel facf4a29fc support thumbnails for .webm and .mp4 files 6 years ago
Pitu 67411d7fa9 Added rate limiting 6 years ago
Pitu fbb8271658 Version bump 6 years ago
Pitu 6ba17a66d6 Bumped version 6 years ago
Pitu 1d45d6d881 Unfucked my latest commit to this file 6 years ago
Pitu a7201c4b96 Added eslint because I don't know what im doing 6 years ago
Pitu c242bf7757 Included bcrypt on package.json 6 years ago
Pitu 56e24c9203 Removed unused dependency 6 years ago
Pitu 3f4b879144 List and thumb view on uploads 6 years ago
Pitu 83aaef0f82 Changed request system and post data 6 years ago
kanadeko b81cf72ac4 Changed from ip whitelist to token based auth 6 years ago
Pitu 376cf10663 First version 6 years ago