36 Commits (44ca2dd53d3acd7285326421ed2546637a9e7090)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Pitu 992b632d1a Added album downloading through front-end 6 years ago
Pitu e56ef97975 Return 404 for deleted albums 6 years ago
Pitu 702075b66d ES6 rewrite 6 years ago
Pascal Temel b05dac6743 cleanup 6 years ago
Pitu 338e827f13 Added thumbnail to meta tags 6 years ago
Pitu 6b72453d4a Made the album viewer route SSR so crawlers dont have issues 🎉 6 years ago
Pitu e05a7c751e Added public album sharing 👌 6 years ago
Pitu ec9de34cb3 Added changePassword 6 years ago
Pitu 116c04907e Derp 6 years ago
Pitu ab64208c57 New auth endpoints 6 years ago
Pitu 1b2af2282f Pagination is gucci 6 years ago
Pitu bae03cdc25 File delete, album delete and album rename. Sugoooi! 6 years ago
Pitu 5d09892ec1 Ohboi 6 years ago
Pitu 83aaef0f82 Changed request system and post data
Changed from XMLHttpRequest to Axiios and made every POST call to look for params or json and not pass the values as headers. Token is still a header though
6 years ago
Pitu 368b40c9d1 Camelcased the config 6 years ago
Pitu de130602f9 Added changing of tokens from the dashboard 6 years ago
Pitu 84ff2241ba Shit ton of things on this update 6 years ago
Pitu 66f4961c38 Better link display on homepage 6 years ago
Pitu 6f7f3d60cb Removed maxFile check on frontend 6 years ago
Pitu ddb6d0df7d Database now saves album 6 years ago
Pitu c4b5457891 Change from gallery to album 6 years ago
kanadeko a114d298d0 Rewrote token handling and upload.js 6 years ago
kanadeko 54e73085c6 Removed extra routes, moved static to main file 6 years ago
pitu bdfd512c10 token handling and verification 6 years ago
kanadeko 04946126c9 Fix on token check 6 years ago
kanadeko 570f6c3ce3 Print and save tokens 6 years ago
kanadeko 55e2d17636 Admin panel, pomf-standarization and stuff 6 years ago
Crawl b3d883745b Make all spacings consistent to all other files 6 years ago
Austin d56882e535 spacing is for nerds 6 years ago
Austin fcef2b1c02 hello tab inserts my old friend 6 years ago
kanadeko 0c6912d2c3 stuff 6 years ago
pitu 91a7ec7286 WIP admin, probably not smart to clone repo now 6 years ago
kanadeko b81cf72ac4 Changed from ip whitelist to token based auth 6 years ago
kanadeko 3b648ab45e Frontend ip blocking 6 years ago
kanadeko d25193bb31 IP whitelisting 6 years ago
kanadeko a246fc8365 Frontend done 6 years ago