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Bobby Wibowo 69664b05c2
Clean ups 3 years ago
evanmn c8817ec8aa
Update Dockerfile 3 years ago
evanmn 732661ff02
Update docker-compose.yaml 3 years ago
evanmn 603c9f54e2
Update config.sample.js 3 years ago
Evan McCarthy 8ea0e491cd
add docker-compose stack 3 years ago
evanmn f95cb64d7e
Update Dockerfile 3 years ago
Evan McCarthy 334c2ab736
add config 3 years ago
Evan McCarthy cbed540ff2
fix docker 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo c4f576a061
Updated FUNDING.yml 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 77e87a3ac3
Updated real-ip-from-cf 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 2edb7f8bab
Updated dependencies
Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 2f7d1533e3
Merge branch 'camjac251-location.hostname' into safe.fiery.me 3 years ago
camjac251 7a23707555
change window.location.host to window.location.hostname
location.hostname() is unsupported by Opera and gives an error using the latest ESLint gulp plugin.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 1981159805
Updated auth.njk again (and auth.js)
Better solution for #215

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client asset
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 4dfe776ff7
Updated auth.njk
Resolves #215
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 117f2ff0a4
Merge branch 'cf-api-token' into safe.fiery.me 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo bd3c86c1bb
Fix typos in config.sample.js 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo a93e34bf87
Init cf-api-token 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 0caa669980
Fix homepage's Config tab not saving some options
Resolved #211

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client asset
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 49ec795941
Disabled file delete GET API
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 40dd662976
Removed delete URL from upload response
I wasn't aware ShareX wouldn't do a basic GET request to the delete URL,
but would instead open your browser to it.
Unfortunately, due to the structure of lolisafe auth setting token
through HTTP header, which had always been done by JS as it has to get
the value from local storage, just visiting the API from browser will
merely respond with "No token provided".
We'd need cookie-based auth, which I do not want to add.
The old me that added deletion API long ago might have been aware of
this fact, but the me of a few hours ago already forgot..
I'll give this further thoughts at a later date, as ShareX isn't really
a priority to me.

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo b4ab04f55a
Async-load render.js
Also fixed undefined vars check, as var === undefined throws error
when truly not defined.
It's probably specific to browsers (don't recall seeing this in node).

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo d29621d5ff
Make render.js standalone
Despite that, it still expects the existence of a so-called main script
in "page" variable, and also expects to be loaded by it instead,
with an internal check to load itself if the main script fails to call
itself within the expected conditions.

Improved button colors in SweetAlert prompts.

Refactored window.onload() to DOMContentLoaded's event listener.
This should essentially allow pages to have multiple scripts that listen
to that event.

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 51c8df71bc
Added deletion URL for ShareX or derivatives
For registered users only!
This requires adding a basic GET API for file deletion, so that I did.
Configs which guests download will not include pattern for delete URL,
so they won't get notified of unusable delete URL or anything like that.

dev: Improved logger.debug() to support specifying options for node's
Util.inspect() if an object is set as its last param
(assuming >1 params).
Default options now also includes enabling colors.

src/js/utils.js: Simplified dynamic ShareX config generator.
Among other things, it will now use JSON.stringify().
I don't even remember why we didn't use that in the first place..

Some logic improvements in src/js/home.js.

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo e552017bfb
Change deps versions from major to minor ranges
Since I'd usually test for new versions of dependencies anyway, only
minor version updates that I personally support for self-update.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo fc0433dd67
Updated README.md 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 4aeb364d0d
Upgraded all dependencies
Consult package.json
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo a4d33c67a2
Updated uploadController.js 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 585331c6e5
Added timeout on chunked uploads
The service will now automatically clean up any leftover data from any
inactive & unfinished chunked upload attempts.

Updated config.sample.js for updated description and new sub-option
for chunkSize option.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo b4c8b1d90e
Inspired by our recent switch to using blake3 for file hashing, chunks
will now be written to a tmp file directly as they're uploaded.
So no more waiting so long for "rebuilding chunks".
There will still be some delay on every following attempts of uploading
each chunks. I'm not sure the specifics, as we're already reusing the
write stream.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 14b97ecbf1
Updated uploadController.js
Make sure .generateThumbs() is always on force mode.
There may be stray thumbnails that weren't stored in DB due to
unexpected errors and whatnot.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 0b8b1ed026
More fixes to thumbnailers
Use fluent-ffmpeg's .screenshots() function instead,
with some countermeasures for weird situations.

No more selective error suppressions.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 4225819b98
Updated src/js/misc/utils.js
Make prepareShareX function practically optional.
If the ShareX element is missing, it shouldn't break everything else.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 15f29f3fb9
Better error handlers in home uploader 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo c1d3b9724c
Fix auto page thingy breaking
Basically, when you're on the very last page of either uploads or users
lists, and then you decide to delete all uploads/users in the list, by
default it will automatically load the latest valid page (e.g. page - 1,
or more if it has to).
Unfortunately, that behavior will get cancelled out by "Something else
is still loading" warning. This fixed that.

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 0851d71688
Fix SQLite not understanding escape char
I honestly expected Knex.js would've already handled this
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 8bcee712ac
A toggle button to show original file names
For admins, preference for your personal uploads list and Manage uploads
aren't shared, just like thumbs/lists toggle.

Non-keyed keywords for filtering will now apply to original names too.

Added a new fontello icon for this button.

Various other things I'm too lazy to write.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 6d5ee7dd63
Thumbs size 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 46c84db64f
Merge branch 'patch-3' of https://github.com/camjac251/lolisafe into camjac251-patch-3 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 28c64d531a
Potentially much better video thumbnails
Notable changes, use fluent-ffmpeg's functions instead of passing raw
ffmpeg switches with inputOptions() or outputOptions().

It seems fluent-ffmpeg may be doing some janks with outputOptions().
I can't get select="eq(pict_type\\,I)" to work with it, but it works
with videoFilters(). Weird stuff.
3 years ago
camjac251 cf2593465a Use top variable over config 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 8b4b0e79c5
Improved albums public page cache and more
Removed its dependency towards albums' editedAt property.
Editing album's metas (name, description, etc) will no longer update
its editedAt property.
Instead it will now ONLY be updated when adding/removing files to/from
it. Just like how it was meant to be, which was to be used to check
whether it's necessary to re-generate their downloadable ZIPs.

Albums public page cache will still be properly invalidated when
adding/removing files to/from it, as well as after editing their metas.

Added views/album-notice.njk to be used to render okay-ish notice when
an album's public page is still being generated.
I was originally thinking of using it for disabled albums as well, but
I refrained from it to reduce the possibility of disabled album IDs from
being easily scanned (as it just returns 404 now).

Removed invalidatedAt property from stats cache. Instead their caches
will immediately be nullified as they should (thus frees up memory
slightly as well).

Stats cache for albums will now only be cleared when truly necessary.
As in, adding/removing files to/from albums will no longer clear them.

Updated Nunjucks files to properly use h1, h2, h3 tags in actual
hierarchical orders.
Elements that don't need to use hX tags will now use P instead.
Nothing changes visually, only structurally.

Fixed some elements in Nunjucks using single quotes instead of
double quotes. They'd have worked the same, but consistency.

Added h1 title in FAQ page.

Make text for no JS warning a bit bigger, and improved the phrasing
a little bit.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo f305b08077
Disable some buttons on disabled albums
Also apply strikethrough to their public links.
Though similar with albums that have their public links explicitly
disabled, despite having strikethrough, they're still clickable.
Of course they'll just lead to 404 page regardless.
3 years ago
camjac251 9a4c0d5cea Update utilsController.js 3 years ago
camjac251 776414814d add user config option for thumbnail size 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 7f58d80cff
Fixed URL uploads
I forgot that getting rid of the old hashing system would break this
due to the lack of hashing.
So, fixed that.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 5e5d5c5647
Manage albums admin page, and more!
Resolves #194.

Added pagination for Manage your albums page.

Albums sidebar will now only list 9 albums at most.
Use Manage your albums page to view the rest.
Albums in the list will now have View uploads button after all.

Delete album button for albums renamed to Disable album.
Since techincally the server would've always been disabling the albums
instead of deleting them.
It was something upstream dev's decided, and I haven't bothered changing
its behavior.

I'll work on actual Delete album feature some other days.

As the title says, added Manage albums admin page.

Viewing uploads of an album will hook into albumid: filter key.

I'll work on filter and bulk operations some other days.

Updated styling for disabled albums and users.
Instead of havine a line through them, they will be greyed out.
Disable public page of albums will still use line through however.

Links to album's disabled public page are now clickable.

Added a new button styling is-dangerish.
It'll be orange.

Renamed /api/albums/delete to /api/albums/disable.
For backwards compatibility, /api/albums/delete will still work
but automatically re-routed to /api/albums/disable.

/api/uploads/list will no longer print SQLite errors for moderators
or higher when encountering them.
It was originally used to inform moderators of non-existing colum names
when used for sorting.
But on one of the recent commits, I had added a check for allowed colum

Improved some caching in dashboard page.

Added new entries to cookie policy.

Some other small things.

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 255a5992b5
Simplified error pages for /a/ route
Send 404 error page when identifier is missing or album is not public.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 5f8bad907c
Code clean ups 3 years ago
camjac251 de70b93cc6
thumbnail generation fix and scale
ffmpeg can sometimes generate broken thumbnails (sometimes a full grey image) when it seeks in the input instead of the output. When it's added after the input, it is a bit slower but it is more stable and will fixes the issue for various formats like HEVC or Prores.

The resolution could benefit from being increased 3x for users who scale up the webpage in their browser or tablet views. It becomes scaled up 200% or 300% when viewed on a smaller screen.
3 years ago