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Bobby Wibowo 559670bd83
Updated dependencies
Added SQLite's WAL files to .gitignore
2020-05-19 23:46:23 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 9e9b0d4439
Updated some dev dependencies.


Gulp will now build CSS/JS files during development into dist-dev
directory, to prevent IDE's Git from unnecessarily building diff's.

Added dist-dev to ignore files.


The entire config fille will now be passed to Nunjuck templates for ease
of access of config values.

Root domain for use in Nunjuck templates will now be parsed from config.

Better page titles.

Updated help message for "Uploads history order" option in
homepage's config tab.

Added "Load images for preview" option to homepage's config tab.
Setting this to false will now prevent image uploads from loading
themselves for previews.

Uploads' original names in homepage's uploads history are now

Min/max length for user/pass are now enforced in auth's front-end.

Improved performance of album public pages.
Their generated HTML pages will now be cached into memory.
Unfortunately, No-JS version of their pages will be cached separately,
so each album may take up to double the memory space.

File names in thumbnails no longer have their full URLs as tooltips.
I saw no point in that behavior.

Added video icons.
Homepage's uploads history will now display video icons for videos.

"View thumbnail" button in Dashboard is now renamed to "Show preview".
Their icons will also be changed depending on their file types.

Added max length for albums' title & description.
These will be enforced both in front-end and back-end.
Existing albums that have surpassed the limits will not be enforced.

A few other small improvements.
2019-09-17 11:13:41 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo c9ba16e1d6
Updates (very important to read)
Client-side CSS & JS files will now be processed with Gulp.
Gulp tasks are configured in gulpfile.js file.

CSS files will be optimized with postcss-preset-env, which will
auto-add vendor prefixes and convert any parts necessary for browsers
Afterwards they will be minified with cssnano.

JS files will be optimized with bublé,
likewise for browsers compatibility.
Afterwards they will be minified with terser.

Unprocessed CSS & JS files will now be located at src directory, while
the processed results will be located at dist directory.

Due to bublé, the JS files should now be compatible up to IE 11
at the minimum.
Previously the safe would not work in IE 11 due to extensive usage of
template literals.
Due to that as well, JS files in src directory will now extensively use
arrow functions for my personal comfort (as they will be converted too).

The server will use the processed files at dist directory by default.
If you want to rebuild the files by your own, you can run "yarn build".
Gulp is a development dependency, so make sure you have installed all
development dependencies (e.i. NOT using "yarn install --production").


yarn lint -> gulp lint

yarn build -> gulp default

yarn watch -> gulp watch

yarn develop -> env NODE_ENV=development yarn watch


Fixed not being able to demote staff into normal users.

/api/token/verify will no longer respond with 401 HTTP error code,
unless an error occurred (which will be 500 HTTP error code).

Fixed /nojs route not displaying file's original name when a duplicate
is found on the server.

Removed is-breeze CSS class name, in favor of Bulma's is-info.

Removed custom styling from auth page, in favor of global styling.

Removed all usage of style HTML attribute in favor of CSS classes.

Renamed js/s/ to js/misc/.

Use loading spinners on dashboard's sidebar menus.

Disable all other sidebar menus when something is loading.

Changed title HTML attribute of disabled control buttons in
uploads & users list.

Hid checkboxes and WIP controls from users list.

Better error messages handling.
Especially homepage will now support CF's HTTP error codes.

Updated various icons.
Also, added fontello config file at public/libs/fontello/config.json.
This should let you edit them more easily with fontello.

Use Gatsby icon for my blog's link in homepage's footer.

A bunch of other improvements here & there.
2019-09-15 13:20:11 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 63e26462ea
Pressing Enter on the auth form will now properly make it try to login.

Slightly better error messages on auth page.

Bumped v1 version string.

Updated dependencies (knex & sqlite).
2019-08-18 16:57:56 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 4463e8de71
Updated .gitignore
Remove trailing-slash from dir ignores.
This will allow replacing said dirs with symlinks.
2018-11-24 15:33:05 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 6af1f6f490
Removed chokidar resolution
I added the resolution since an issue was reported by
But I recently noticed that it prevents installation on node 10.x.
I haven't checked whether the resolution is still necessary though.

Also removed .vscode settings.
I plan to add a cleaner way for this later.
2018-11-24 15:18:23 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo a3c9eeb3c5
Optimized all renders using OptiPNG (only ~1% decrease though) 2018-10-18 21:00:35 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo cf570347e6
* Added ship waifu renders to homepage. These renders are toggleable since some of them maybe a bit NSFW-ish (state saved to browser's local storage).

* Updated lazyload to v10.19.0.

* Git commit URL is now have dotted bottom border.

* Thumbnail modal (the one that appears when you click display thumbnail button in lists view) now have a "Load original" button. For images it will simply load the original images, but for videos it will show a video player (relies on the browser's support for <video> tag). Thumbs view will now also have the "display thumbnail" button.

* Small changes to "add to album" modal.

* Small changes to alignment to modals in general.
2018-10-18 20:26:40 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo dd43acecea
* Added VSCode settings to git repo. Now you can match yours with mine, if you want.

* Added .jsbeautifyrc for js-beautify (to be used by VSCode's Beautify extension).

* Refactored all instances of require('**/*.js') with require('**/*') wherever applicable (basically gotten rid of the .js extension).

* Refactored path in all instances of require() wherever applicable.

* Sorted instances of require() wherever applicable.

* Fixed 500 HTTP error trying to load an error page for 505 HTTP error.

* Removed special treatement of NoJS page from uploadsController.processFilesForDisplay().

* Updated version string of all static files.

* Beautified all HTML, HANDLEBARS and CSS files.

* Refactored the structure of footer links in homepage and No-JS uploader. This should now fix homepage going out-of-bound in smaller screens.

* Added CSS prefixes wherever applicable.

* Improved back-end side of No-JS uploader. This will now handle errors properly.

* No-JS uploader will now show max file size.

* No-JS uploader will now show a proper message when private mode is enabled and/or registration is disabled.
2018-04-13 23:20:57 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 2dd724f88f
* Switched standard to eslint with eslint-config-standard (and 4 more eslint plugins needed by standard).

* Added "curly" eslint rule with "all" option. I like it.

* Refactored all JS files to apply the new "curly" eslint rule.

* Renewed axios.min.js, dropzone.min.js and sweetalert.min.js. Re-minified and added a small comment stating their version and copyright statement.

* Some buttons in dashboard will now show loading icon whenever they're waiting for response from the server.

* Updated and .gitignore.
2018-03-29 00:40:50 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 47f2f30682
More breaking changes
* Added Editor Config file.

* Added ".vscode/" to .gitignore.

* Added final newline to some files.

* Added KDE Breeze Dark colors.

 * Applied various ESLint autofixes. There were still plenty of non-auto-fixable issues though. I'm not sure why this project had ESLint dev dependency but still ended up with countless issues.

* ... and maybe some others.
2018-01-24 01:00:55 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 883a601358
Breaking changes
All of these changes are for
2018-01-24 00:15:32 +07:00
Pitu 052440328e Modified gitignore 2017-10-03 17:36:11 -03:00
Pitu 31e9a19821 bleh 2017-02-07 04:34:40 -03:00
Pitu 18c66d27fb Added support for custom html files
There's a new folder that gets created upon running lolisafe for the first time. On said folder any html file with the same name as the default ones will be loaded instead, letting you place custom frontend files without messing with git.
2017-02-06 00:06:33 -03:00
ærion 8cddd06d7a Remove .DS_Store files (#6) 2017-02-02 15:26:15 +01:00
Pitu a7201c4b96 Added eslint because I don't know what im doing 2017-01-29 22:51:48 -03:00
kanadeko b81cf72ac4 Changed from ip whitelist to token based auth 2017-01-14 18:13:58 -03:00
kanadeko c35289e602 fixed gitignore 2017-01-13 05:03:19 -03:00
Pitu 376cf10663 First version 2017-01-13 04:34:21 -03:00