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Bobby Wibowo 8bcee712ac
A toggle button to show original file names
For admins, preference for your personal uploads list and Manage uploads
aren't shared, just like thumbs/lists toggle.

Non-keyed keywords for filtering will now apply to original names too.

Added a new fontello icon for this button.

Various other things I'm too lazy to write.
2020-06-07 12:29:17 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 3e41b3294c
Updated placeholder thumbnail
This one should fit better with light theme as well, not that the safe
have light them as of yet.

Also it's @2x (400x400) instead of the default 200x200.
That should theoretically make the text look smoother.
2020-05-17 05:23:03 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 86b51fe5f5
Added Cookie Consent, among other things
This adds Cookie Consent library at public/libs/cookieconsent.

Added views/cookiepolicy.njk.

Added a new config option cookiePolicy. Disabled by default.

Updated views/faq.njk to use variables wherever applicable.
The variables are initiated at views/_globals.njk.
The said file also contains variables used at views/cookiepolicy.njk.

Restored messages about Cloudflare to FAQ.
They will be shown only if config.cloudflare.purgeCache is enabled.

Statistics will now capitalize first letters of the keys instead.

Updated background color of SweetAlert modals.

Moved table styling from dashboard.css to style.css (global),
since table will also be used in Cookie Policy page.

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
2020-05-17 03:35:54 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 7b676bb9fd
Added retina/2x home logo
Rebuilt client assets and bumped v1 version string
2020-05-09 14:40:44 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo c3d61733af
Added iamdustan/smoothscroll polyfill in dashboard pages.
This will polyfill smooth scroll (when executed programmatically)
for older browers.

No-JS uploader's notice button when on private mode will now also say
"Log in to upload", although auth page will still require JS.

All front-end buttons will now use outlined version. I'm lovin' it.

Auth page will now show a loading spinner if the user has a saved token.
Afterwards, they will still be redirected to dashboard.

Better error handlers in home, dashboard, and auth pages.

Removed <hr> from uploads & users lists in dashboard.

"Manage your token" menu will no longer try to make an API request prior
to displaying its page.
Reloading the page will already trigger token verification anyway.

Updated public/images/fb_share.png.


A few other tweaks.
2019-09-19 14:19:11 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 9e9b0d4439
Updated some dev dependencies.


Gulp will now build CSS/JS files during development into dist-dev
directory, to prevent IDE's Git from unnecessarily building diff's.

Added dist-dev to ignore files.


The entire config fille will now be passed to Nunjuck templates for ease
of access of config values.

Root domain for use in Nunjuck templates will now be parsed from config.

Better page titles.

Updated help message for "Uploads history order" option in
homepage's config tab.

Added "Load images for preview" option to homepage's config tab.
Setting this to false will now prevent image uploads from loading
themselves for previews.

Uploads' original names in homepage's uploads history are now

Min/max length for user/pass are now enforced in auth's front-end.

Improved performance of album public pages.
Their generated HTML pages will now be cached into memory.
Unfortunately, No-JS version of their pages will be cached separately,
so each album may take up to double the memory space.

File names in thumbnails no longer have their full URLs as tooltips.
I saw no point in that behavior.

Added video icons.
Homepage's uploads history will now display video icons for videos.

"View thumbnail" button in Dashboard is now renamed to "Show preview".
Their icons will also be changed depending on their file types.

Added max length for albums' title & description.
These will be enforced both in front-end and back-end.
Existing albums that have surpassed the limits will not be enforced.

A few other small improvements.
2019-09-17 11:13:41 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 21f39dff9d
Updated axios to v0.18.1.
Also added its source map.

Updated lazyload to v12.0.0.
Also added its source map.

Added bulma's source map.


Moved fontello.css from public/libs/fontello to src/libs/fontello,
to make use of CSS builder.

Updated thumbnails styling to properly make sure the thumbnails are
displayed as 200x200 (their actual configured dimension).

Added fixes to some flexbox's bugs that affect IE 10/11.
The safe should display much better in those browsers now.

Show files' expiry dates in thumbs view.

Updated global error handlers in home.js.
I will do similar setup with dashboard.js in the future.
Just not now, I'm tired.

Only load renders after API request to /api/check has been initiated.

Used native lazyloading on album pages' nojs version.

Removed unnecessary is-expanded class.

Rephrased max upload size disclaimer in nojs uploader page.

Bumped v1 and v3 version strings.
2019-09-16 01:18:22 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo c9ba16e1d6
Updates (very important to read)
Client-side CSS & JS files will now be processed with Gulp.
Gulp tasks are configured in gulpfile.js file.

CSS files will be optimized with postcss-preset-env, which will
auto-add vendor prefixes and convert any parts necessary for browsers
Afterwards they will be minified with cssnano.

JS files will be optimized with bublé,
likewise for browsers compatibility.
Afterwards they will be minified with terser.

Unprocessed CSS & JS files will now be located at src directory, while
the processed results will be located at dist directory.

Due to bublé, the JS files should now be compatible up to IE 11
at the minimum.
Previously the safe would not work in IE 11 due to extensive usage of
template literals.
Due to that as well, JS files in src directory will now extensively use
arrow functions for my personal comfort (as they will be converted too).

The server will use the processed files at dist directory by default.
If you want to rebuild the files by your own, you can run "yarn build".
Gulp is a development dependency, so make sure you have installed all
development dependencies (e.i. NOT using "yarn install --production").


yarn lint -> gulp lint

yarn build -> gulp default

yarn watch -> gulp watch

yarn develop -> env NODE_ENV=development yarn watch


Fixed not being able to demote staff into normal users.

/api/token/verify will no longer respond with 401 HTTP error code,
unless an error occurred (which will be 500 HTTP error code).

Fixed /nojs route not displaying file's original name when a duplicate
is found on the server.

Removed is-breeze CSS class name, in favor of Bulma's is-info.

Removed custom styling from auth page, in favor of global styling.

Removed all usage of style HTML attribute in favor of CSS classes.

Renamed js/s/ to js/misc/.

Use loading spinners on dashboard's sidebar menus.

Disable all other sidebar menus when something is loading.

Changed title HTML attribute of disabled control buttons in
uploads & users list.

Hid checkboxes and WIP controls from users list.

Better error messages handling.
Especially homepage will now support CF's HTTP error codes.

Updated various icons.
Also, added fontello config file at public/libs/fontello/config.json.
This should let you edit them more easily with fontello.

Use Gatsby icon for my blog's link in homepage's footer.

A bunch of other improvements here & there.
2019-09-15 13:20:11 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 10a464bc73
Moved authors info to AUTHORS file.

Updated Git urls in package.json file.

Added .stylelintrc.

Updated all CSS files to respect current Stylelint guidelines.

Updated dependency: knex.js.

Fixed notice message in no-js version of album public pages.

Bumped v1 version string.
2019-09-12 14:44:31 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 3fcf5a9d6a
Fixed view uploads button in manage users 2019-09-10 23:39:30 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 264bd88e88
Improved performance of /api/users/:id (admin's manage users).

Promisify fs.writeFile.

Improved performance of /api/stats.
By a lot in Linux, cause uploads size will be deferred to "du" binary.
In addition, total usage of whichever disk uploads path resides on will
also be queried using "df" binary.
Non-Linux will have to rely on manual calculation by querying DB
for each upload's size.
But logics related to uploads stats were also improved to be almost
twice as fast as before.

Improved parsing of /api/stats results on dashboard.js.
This allows ease of extending server's response by not having to update
dashboard.js by much, if at all.

Improved codes relating to item menus in dashboard's sidebar.
Finally much cleaner now 👍

No longer use /api/upload/delete API route from dashboard.
Single file deletion and bulk files deletion, both from uploads list or
by names, will now properly use a single function that will use
/api/upload/bulkdelete API route.

/api/upload/delete will still be kept indefinitely for backward support.

Fixed oddities with Select all checkbox.

Replaced all instances of modifying HTML element's style attribute with
adding/removing is-hidden CSS helper class.

Rephrased all instances of "files" to "uploads" in any display strings.

Fixed notice message when server is on private mode.

A few other improvements.
2019-09-10 23:31:27 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 1a0d85cc6c
Updated 2019-09-09 01:21:01 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo b9a6d3b8e3
Updated utils.js 2019-09-08 09:59:46 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 06ac266bbf
Updated ShareX config 2019-09-08 09:55:25 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 02e2e402c3
As the title says, this commit is a massive overhaul.
I've rewritten/restrucuted almost everything in the controller scripts.
Because of that, there's a considerable possibility that I've broken
something somewhere.

Notable changes:

Added temporary uploads.

Removed file name length changer from dashboard,
in favor of an equivalent in homepage config tab.
This allows non-registered users to also set file name length.

A bunch of other undocmented stuff.
I don't know, I'm too tired to remember them all.
2019-09-08 08:56:29 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo c33affa68f
Removed browser settings from dashboard,
in favor of config tab in homepage.
With this even non-registered users can configure the uploader.

Fixed homepage breaking when URL uploader is disabled.

Updated fontello.
Added link, cog-alt, and floppy icons.

Better tabs design in homepage.

Bumped v1 & v3 version strings.
2019-09-02 17:24:04 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 05b905bc9b
Upgraded dependencies.

Stop adding cache-control header to album zip files unless
config.cacheControl is enabled.

Updated CSS files.
Moved thumbnail-related styling to thumbs.css.
Various other fixes & improvements.

Moved render.js from public/js to public/js/s.

Removed sharex.js in favor of public/js/s/utils.js.
Moved getPrettyDate() & getPrettyBytes() to that JS file as well.

Added lsKeys global variable wherever applicable.
Previously the idea was only used in dashboard.js.

Added No-JS version of album public pages.
You'll only have to add ?nojs to the URL.
Viewing the regular version with JS disabled will show a notice with
a link to the No-JS version of the particular album.
Overall page size of the regular version will now be lower as well,
since there'll be no need to add noscript tag for each thumbs.

No longer show Administrator section to non-admin in the dashboard.
Moderators will ONLY be able to see manage users menu as well.

Simplified FAQ wherever applicable.
Added a new FAQ about bug report or feature request.

Updated link for Firefox extension.
Also pushed Firefox link before Chrome, cause I like it more.

Added browser settings menu to dashboard.
This allows you to choose file size unit (kilobyte vs kibibyte) for that
specific browser.
The preference will be used on homepage, dashboard and album pages.
This also allows you to set chunk size and maximum parallel uploads
for the homepage uploader.

All menu links in the dashboard will now scroll to the content once
Previously it would only do so with manage uploads/users when
switching pages.

Refactored all instances of for-in & for-of loop from browser JS files.
For the sake of uniformity, for now.
2019-09-02 02:23:16 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo b77d4b7c65
Make ellipsis in pagination clickable.
It will set focus to the jump to page input, and "select" its value.
Allowing user to simply type in any numbers and press Enter to navigate.

Bumped v1 version string.
2019-08-27 05:23:54 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo dcc393e7e0
Trim user & pass upon login / registration, on both client & server.
Users that might have already had whitespace prefix/suffix will need to
have their usernames manually updated in the database.

Warp various text inputs in the dashboard into HTML form.
This will make them be submittable when pressing Enter on the keyboard.

Switching page using the prev/next buttons, pagination, and jump to page
input, will now scroll the view to the top of the page element.

Bumped v1 version string.
2019-08-27 05:00:57 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 3a398721b5
* Replaced all instances of getElementById and getElementsByClassName
with querySelector or querySelectorAll.

* Updated utilsController.js to stop disabling
no-async-promise-executor eslint rule.

* Removed unused lines in dashboard.njk.

* Refactored maxFileSize to maxSize in home.{css,js,njk}.

* Updated ClamAV codes in lolisafe.js. No more pinging.
Since querying version will also check connection anyway.

* Option "Upload to album" in homepage is now selectable.
Selecting this option will restore the uploader to not associate files
with an album.

* Fixed uploader to properly respect server's max file size.
Also updated error message of file size to use MB instead of MiB.

* Creating an album from homepage will automatically select the album.

* Updated Dropzone.js to v5.5.0.

* Bumped v1 & v3 version strings.

* Various other small fixes.
2019-08-20 09:16:34 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 72f58e6eec
Updated random render script.

Added a new render category (miku). Choice is currently hard-coded.

Added 50 renders for miku category.

Bumped v1 & v4 version strings.
2019-08-18 21:52:19 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 63e26462ea
Pressing Enter on the auth form will now properly make it try to login.

Slightly better error messages on auth page.

Bumped v1 version string.

Updated dependencies (knex & sqlite).
2019-08-18 16:57:56 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 6496b03b71
Updated deps.

Re-enabled eslint rule no-async-promise-executor.
Updated some codes to follow the said rule.
Though I had to disable the rule in a line at utilsController.js
due to complexity.
I'll give it more thoughts in the future.

Bumped v1 version string.
2019-08-04 06:37:55 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo e275ab16ae
+ Rebuild dependencies. I'm starting to think dependabot isn't quite reliable.

auth.js + home.js + _globals.njk:
+ Updated a few error handlings to handle error messages better.
2019-07-03 22:56:45 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo add2970ae6
+ Close connection earlier when there are no upload when querying them.

dashboard.css + style.css:
+ Updated styling involving pagination and progress bar.

+ Fixed dashboard failing to handle cases where a user attemp to load
a next page when there are not enough uploads available.
+ Added a simple loading message as a placeholder when trying to view
Stastistics menu, since it may take a while in big servers.

bulma.min.css + LICENSE:
+ Updated bulma from 0.7.2 to 0.7.5.

+ Bumped v1 and v3 version strings.
2019-06-19 01:48:30 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 06ac31d02e
Updates (dashboard)
+ Better pagination.
+ Added more advanced filtering system in Manage Uploads.
It now supports filtering with multiple usernames and/or IPs.
It also supports refining the matches with wildcards.

Perhaps add simple file name filtering for regular users in the future?
2019-06-18 02:34:15 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo f48cbd1960
config.sample.js + uploadController.js:
+ Added option uploads > storeIP to toggle whether to store uploader's
IPs into the database.

uploadController.js + dashboard.js:
+ Added IP column when listing all uploads.
+ Improved album query when listing uploads. In addition, no longer
query album when listing all uploads.
+ Delegate some tasks to client when listing uploads to save server's
processing power, kek.
Such as building the file's full URLs, and assigning album/user names.

+ Bumped v1 version string.
2019-06-04 07:57:37 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 5c41fc9249
+ /api/stats: Cache invalidation requests will now only store timestamp
of the request instead of purging the cache entirely.
Subsequent requests to the API will no longer attempt to generate stats
if a previous request before it is still generating, since it can
take a while in big sites.
So instead, the cached stats will be returned to them, regardless of
whether it's still valid.
This should avoid "race condition" in sites with multiple admins.

* dashboard.js:
+ Added an appendix into "Delete by names" feature in dashboard to
inform staffs that they can use the feature to delete files by other
users as well.
+ Added comments explaning the need of page.domClick() function.
+ Addition to the change regarding /api/stats route: If there is no
cached stats, but a previous request is still generating, inform
the user about it.

config.sample.js + lolisafe.js:
+ We now support configuring rate limits through config file.
No more hard-coded rate limits.
Don't forget to update your config.js accordingly.

package.json + yarn.lock:
+ Updated dependencies.
2019-06-04 02:40:24 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo cbbebcf829
Updated unicorn_6.png
Forgot to remove render watermark, lmao
2019-04-20 17:08:40 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo b754470630
Updated albums public page
File size when JavaScript is disabled will now properly use B suffix.
It's referring to the fact that their unit is bytes.

Disclaimer about this. Back-end will only return the file size in bytes,
front-end is supposed to convert them into prettier units (KB, MB, ...).

Nothing much can be done if front-end have JavaScript disabled.
I don't want to defer the task, prettying the units, to back-end.
2019-04-19 11:56:57 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo ecb8afbe40
Updated fontello (added block and doc-inv icons).

Upload results will now show either doc or block icon on top of the
file name depending on the status of the upload
(unless the uploads are images, in which case they will still show
thumbnails instead).

Added support for customizable timeout and chunkSize options for ClamAV
scanning to the config file.

Bumped v1 and v3 version strings.
2019-04-18 16:06:14 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 9b1cb06825
Updated dashboard.js
2019-04-12 07:53:44 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 13081ef38a
Re-worked caching for statistics
I guess I'll work on adding charts someday.
2019-04-12 07:45:33 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 8c3fb78135
* Added Statistics menu to Administration items in dashboard.

* Added /api/stats route.

Imo, my implementation of this whole thing is rather dirty-ish, but hey
as long as it works.

I'll be using lolisafe2 for future devs tbh.
2019-04-06 00:32:52 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 28f1e691bc
Updated renders 2019-03-28 03:33:38 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 8140ff4d71
Rewritten function to generate video thumbnails with ffmpeg.
This should be much faster than ever.
This should also solve an issue where potrait videos could have their
thumbnails be taller than 200px, since it was only forcing width to be
no larger than 200px.

Updated dashboard's styling to make sure potrait thumbnails (only matter
for video thumbnails) not going out of its container.

Updated thumbs.js (yarn thumbs) script to display elapsed time for each
operation in seconds.

Bumped v1 version string (for dashboard.css).
2019-01-30 02:50:45 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 209f5429cd
Added .tiff, .tif, and .svg to allowed image extensions for thumbs gen

Added .svg to allowed image extensions for preview in uploads result
2019-01-18 08:15:53 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo f2a6daea46
Updated album.js and dashboard.js
Updated getPrettyBytes() function.
Previously it was doing something wrong with size under 1024 bytes.
2019-01-14 20:06:57 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo fe24198517
Updated dashboard.css
Break-all extension name in thumbs view.
2019-01-14 20:00:08 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 907ba3960a
Updated render.js
Version string for random renders will now use globals.v4 (new variable)
instead of globals.v1, since globals.v1 changes a lot more often.
Hence to allow this to happen, data-version attribute will now be added
to <script> tag of render.js in home.njk.
2019-01-14 19:44:09 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo a71b06df2b
Updated dashboard.css
Better styling for thumbs view.
This ensures that extension names won't be cropped with certain fonts.

Increased non-hover opacity of checkboxes in thumbs view.
2019-01-14 19:33:53 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 20912a6dff
Updated dashboard
Display thumbnail feature in dashboard will now contain images smaller
than 200x200 in a 200x200 container and align them in the center.
2019-01-09 12:04:21 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 244b327e19
Updated dashboard.js
Added loading animation to pagination buttons.
2019-01-08 05:54:12 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 3c49d81b3a
Updated dashboard.js
Fix checkboxes
2019-01-06 05:53:08 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 8072f2fdf7
Updated page.getPrettyBytes() in dashboard.js and album.js to support
non-SI units (which is by 1024 instead of 1000).
With that said, all "pretty bytes" display in dashboard and
album's public pages will now use non-SI units.

Bumped v1 version string.
2019-01-05 04:34:54 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 014936eb58
Added LICENSE into public/libs/clipboard.js.

Uniformed all LICENSE files in public/libs.
2019-01-03 12:06:36 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 36b204da64
Updated icon of View uploads button in Manage users page.

Updated fontello to include the icon.

Bumped v1 and v3 version strings.
2019-01-03 11:54:20 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 2b0969dc77
Updated keys for local storage. They're now using camel case.
Not sure why I didn't use camel case in the first place.

View type and selected files of Uploads and Manage uploads (your own
uploads and all uploads, respectively) are now stored separately.

Added "filter by username" in Manage uploads.

Added "jump to page" in all uploads/users view.

Updated fontello (added filter icon).

Bumped v1 and v3 version string, due to dashboard.js and fontello

Curly rule fix for routes/nojs.js.
2019-01-03 11:49:56 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 765f8c9880
Better image thumbnailer
Images smaller than 200x200 will no longer be resized upwards, instead
they will be padded with transparent pixels.
This was the old behavior before we switched from GM to sharp.

With GM, its resize() function would do exactly that, but I couldn't
figure out how to do the same with only sharp's resize() function, so I
had to make do with a combination of resize() and extend().

Also updated error messages in dashboard when trying to load
out-of-index page in uploads/users lists.

Updated v1 version string due to dashboard.js being modified.
2019-01-03 08:54:46 +07:00
Bobby Wibowo 31a6940ab4
Added pagination to uploads and users list.
With that, /api/uploads and /api/users API routes will now add "count"
property to their response object.

Enabled Delete user button in users list.
With that also added /api/users/disable API route.
As usual, you can only disable users whose usergroup is lower than
your own.

Click event will no longer trigger on "disabled" elements (basically any
elements with "disabled" attribute).

Changed all arrow functions into regular functions in public JS files
(there were only a few that I somehow missed).

Bumped v1 version string.
2019-01-02 02:39:08 +07:00