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Bobby Wibowo 51c5a81b18
!!! RUN "yarn migrate" !!!
Added "yarn migrate" as alias for "node ./database/migration.js".
Updated README.md about it.

Added a new column to users database: registration.
It will be used to store user's registration timestamp.
Registration date will be displayed in Dashboard's Manage Users.
Since this is a new column,
existing users will not have registration dates.

Last token change date will now be displayed in Dashboard as well.

<code> elements will now properly have relative font size.

User ID will now be displayed in Edit user dialog for reference purpose.

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo a884ef8d01
Bug fix
Fixed #67

Changed default admin account to username root & password changeme,
for new installations.
Also updated README.md to mention it.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 98a8d03a7f
Updated controllers to use Promise.all (concurrent processing) wherever

Added 2 new entries to todo.md.

Don't check "Select all" checkbox in dashboard when there are no

Bumped v1 version string.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo c9ba16e1d6
Updates (very important to read)
Client-side CSS & JS files will now be processed with Gulp.
Gulp tasks are configured in gulpfile.js file.

CSS files will be optimized with postcss-preset-env, which will
auto-add vendor prefixes and convert any parts necessary for browsers
Afterwards they will be minified with cssnano.

JS files will be optimized with bublé,
likewise for browsers compatibility.
Afterwards they will be minified with terser.

Unprocessed CSS & JS files will now be located at src directory, while
the processed results will be located at dist directory.

Due to bublé, the JS files should now be compatible up to IE 11
at the minimum.
Previously the safe would not work in IE 11 due to extensive usage of
template literals.
Due to that as well, JS files in src directory will now extensively use
arrow functions for my personal comfort (as they will be converted too).

The server will use the processed files at dist directory by default.
If you want to rebuild the files by your own, you can run "yarn build".
Gulp is a development dependency, so make sure you have installed all
development dependencies (e.i. NOT using "yarn install --production").


yarn lint -> gulp lint

yarn build -> gulp default

yarn watch -> gulp watch

yarn develop -> env NODE_ENV=development yarn watch


Fixed not being able to demote staff into normal users.

/api/token/verify will no longer respond with 401 HTTP error code,
unless an error occurred (which will be 500 HTTP error code).

Fixed /nojs route not displaying file's original name when a duplicate
is found on the server.

Removed is-breeze CSS class name, in favor of Bulma's is-info.

Removed custom styling from auth page, in favor of global styling.

Removed all usage of style HTML attribute in favor of CSS classes.

Renamed js/s/ to js/misc/.

Use loading spinners on dashboard's sidebar menus.

Disable all other sidebar menus when something is loading.

Changed title HTML attribute of disabled control buttons in
uploads & users list.

Hid checkboxes and WIP controls from users list.

Better error messages handling.
Especially homepage will now support CF's HTTP error codes.

Updated various icons.
Also, added fontello config file at public/libs/fontello/config.json.
This should let you edit them more easily with fontello.

Use Gatsby icon for my blog's link in homepage's footer.

A bunch of other improvements here & there.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 4c741f811a
Add todo file, cause otherwise I'll always forget 4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 10a464bc73
Moved authors info to AUTHORS file.

Updated Git urls in package.json file.

Added .stylelintrc.

Updated all CSS files to respect current Stylelint guidelines.

Updated dependency: knex.js.

Fixed notice message in no-js version of album public pages.

Bumped v1 version string.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 02e2e402c3
As the title says, this commit is a massive overhaul.
I've rewritten/restrucuted almost everything in the controller scripts.
Because of that, there's a considerable possibility that I've broken
something somewhere.

Notable changes:

Added temporary uploads.

Removed file name length changer from dashboard,
in favor of an equivalent in homepage config tab.
This allows non-registered users to also set file name length.

A bunch of other undocmented stuff.
I don't know, I'm too tired to remember them all.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 826286d13d
Updated db.js 4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 7e3d177d00
Added logger.js to format console logs (adding timestamps).

Re-ordered modules loading in lolisafe.js, and a few other minor edits.

Updated dev dependencies.

A few other minor edits.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 00cbd3e76c
Updated ESLint rule: curly, again.
Mainly to also enabled "consistent" rule, which enforces curly into
else/elseif blocks, if its if block requires curly.

Added support for GET requests to /api/delete route.
Its usage is /api/delete/identifier, where identifier is the filename.
Though just like its POST route, it needs token in the header.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo da86f605c6
Updates [!! run database/migration.js !!]
Added description column into albums.
So yeah, now albums can have description.
It'll only be shown in the album's edit popup and public link.

HTML chars will now be escaped from album's name and description.

Removed message warning about CDN cache from album's public link.
A shortened version will be shown as the download button's tooltip.

Darkened color of textarea's placeholder.

Bumped v1 version string.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo f9bdb7b88c
Updates 4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo fcf4c00de7
Moved permission-related functions to permissionController
Fix: non-root staffs are now able to delete files by any users (previously they could only list them).
5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 31f44a1b91
Added ID and uploads count columns into manage users
Updated client-side check of user's enabled status to match server-side

Removed a bunch of console.log()'s from development
5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo c3d4c237cb
Init account-manager branch 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 635027bde4
Updated migration.js
Makes the script more informative by printing columns that are getting skipped because they already exist.
5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 4660200b1e
More improvements to albums, and others
Improvements related to albums:

* Changed "rename album" option with a better "edit album" feature. With it you can also disable download or public link and even request a new public link (https://i.fiery.me/fz1y.png).
This also adds a new API route: /api/albums/edit.
The old API route, /api/albums/rename, is still available but will silently be using the new API in backend.

* Deleting album will now also delete its zip archive if exists.

* Renaming albums will also rename its zip archive if exists.

* Generating zip will use async fs.readFile instead of fs.readFileSync. This should improve generating speed somewhat.

* The codes that tries to generate random identifier for album will now check whether an album with the same identifier already exists. It will also rely on "uploads.maxTries" config option to limit how many times it will try to re-generate a new random identifier.

* Added a new config option "uploads.albumIdentifierLength" which sets the length of the randomly generated identifier.

* Added "download" and  "public" columns to "albums" table in database/db.js.
Existing users can run "node database/migration.js" to add the columns.


* uploadsController.getUniqueRandomName will no longer accept 3 paramters (previously it would accept a callback in the third parameter). It will now instead return a Promise.

* Album name of disabled/deleted albums will no longer be shown in uploads list.

* Added "fileLength" column to "users" table in database/db.js.

* Renamed HTTP404.html and HTTP500.html in /pages/error to 404.html and 500.html respectively. I'm still using symlinks though.

* Added a new CSS named sweetalert.css which will be used in homepage, auth and dashboard. It will style all sweetalert modals with dark theme (matching the current color scheme used in this branch).

* Updated icons (added download icon).

* Some other improvements/tweaks here and there.
5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo e5f5fb1038
* You can now disable using icons in home's footer links by setting "home_icons" to false in _globals.njk.

* Renamed "meta" block to "opengraph" in _layout.njk, since the block only represents opengraph tags anyways.

* Moved noscript warning to its own file at views/_partial/noscript.njk. It's also now being included in dashboard and auth pages.

* No-JS uploader will no longer use icons in its footer links. It will also no longer load fontello.css.

* Updated static files' version string in _globals.njk.

* Some other tweaks, mainly to get no-icons mode to work properly.
5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo dd43acecea
* Added VSCode settings to git repo. Now you can match yours with mine, if you want.

* Added .jsbeautifyrc for js-beautify (to be used by VSCode's Beautify extension).

* Refactored all instances of require('**/*.js') with require('**/*') wherever applicable (basically gotten rid of the .js extension).

* Refactored path in all instances of require() wherever applicable.

* Sorted instances of require() wherever applicable.

* Fixed 500 HTTP error trying to load an error page for 505 HTTP error.

* Removed special treatement of NoJS page from uploadsController.processFilesForDisplay().

* Updated version string of all static files.

* Beautified all HTML, HANDLEBARS and CSS files.

* Refactored the structure of footer links in homepage and No-JS uploader. This should now fix homepage going out-of-bound in smaller screens.

* Added CSS prefixes wherever applicable.

* Improved back-end side of No-JS uploader. This will now handle errors properly.

* No-JS uploader will now show max file size.

* No-JS uploader will now show a proper message when private mode is enabled and/or registration is disabled.
5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo b1dbb931c1
* Updated eslint-plugin-import dev dependency.

* Added 2 new ESLint rules: "prefer-const" and "object-shorthand".

* Refactor all JS files to follow the new ESLint rules.

* Refactored all instances of for-i into for-of wherever applicable.
5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo aea89ecbd4
Updates and merged changes from 'master'
* Removing files from an album will now update the state of the said album. Which means, the Download Album as zip feature will properly make a new zip instead of re-using the old one which would obviously still have the said files.

* "migration.js" will no longer try to create column if it already exists.

* Changed type of all columns that used to be DATETIME to INTEGER. Apparently SQLite would have stored them as INTEGER anyways, so you don't have to change anything else.
5 years ago
Kana 9d17bb284a
Whoops 5 years ago
Kana 91331e7947
Whoops 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 0067c8fe83
* Refactored all instances of "err" into "error".

* Added bulk delete feature (API route: /api/uploads/bulkdelete). It accepts an array of IDs (its key must be "ids" in the JSON POST request). Don't forget it still requires a token in the headers. (https://s.fiery.me/6rjMAYoC.mp4)

* Removed fontello.css from auth.html.

* Updated a bunch of styling.

* Added "copy link to clipboard" button to thumbs view.

* Added "view thumbnail" button to list view. Clicking the row will no longer trigger thumb view, instead you have to press that button.

* Updated icons.

* ... and perhaps some others that I can't remember?
5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 2dd724f88f
* Switched standard to eslint with eslint-config-standard (and 4 more eslint plugins needed by standard).

* Added "curly" eslint rule with "all" option. I like it.

* Refactored all JS files to apply the new "curly" eslint rule.

* Renewed axios.min.js, dropzone.min.js and sweetalert.min.js. Re-minified and added a small comment stating their version and copyright statement.

* Some buttons in dashboard will now show loading icon whenever they're waiting for response from the server.

* Updated README.md and .gitignore.
5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 616124446f
Updates (WARNING!)
WARNING: Please turn off lolisafe before upgrading, then run "node database/migration.js" once after upgrading. Ignore all errors/warnings about duplicate column name. Afterwards make sure your config.js follows the new format in config.sample.js (specifically fileLength and generateThumbnails options).

* generateImageThumbnails and generateVideoThumbnails options in config.js is now renamed to an object named generateThumbnails, with image and video as its properties.

* fileLength option is now an object with min, max, default and userChangeable as its properties.

* User may now change their preferred file length (following the previous option, of course).

* Updated a bunch of responses messages. Mainly appending a dot to the messages.

* New APIs:
/fileLength/config to get an object of the current fileLength config (exactly what is in the config.js file).
/fileLength/change to change user's preferred file length.

* And maybe some others ...?
5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo c5b1e26671
* Adds 'enabled' column into 'users' table with database/migration.js file.

* Ignore errors when adding new columns in database/migration.js. There's a better method by checking whether the columns already exist before adding them, but this will do for now.
5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo c2b2f5b14b
* Properly merged changes from master.

* database/migration.js will now exit after migartion.

* Replaced all instances of createTableIfNotExists() into a combination of hasTable() and createTable() in db.js.
5 years ago
pyra b9cad8e4d5
Add missing column in table 'users' 5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 677d8717e7
Fixes to albums
* It will now properly create "editedAt" and "zipGeneratedAt" columns into "albums" table, which will then be used for the "Download Album" feature. Previously, due to the lack of those columns, people could not download albums. Existing installation will have to do some manual patches, which I will describe further in the commit's comments.

* Thumbnail-less files will properly show the extensions in albums. Previously it would have two dots.
5 years ago
Bobby Wibowo bcdfcd7064
Various updates
* Switched ESLint + Aqua to Standard. I'm a big fan of Standard. Updated yarn.lock file too.

* Lots of refactors to follow the rules of Standard.

* Fixed issue with uploading as a not logged in user.
5 years ago
Pitu 992b632d1a Added album downloading through front-end 6 years ago
Pitu e05a7c751e Added public album sharing 👌 6 years ago
Pitu 13b2242bdf New database structure with users support 6 years ago
Pitu bae03cdc25 File delete, album delete and album rename. Sugoooi! 6 years ago
Pitu a8121f5d7c Small fix for listing 6 years ago
Pitu 49a4e68a4a Added enabled flag to albums on database 6 years ago
Pitu 84ff2241ba Shit ton of things on this update 6 years ago
Pitu ddb6d0df7d Database now saves album 6 years ago
kanadeko f42202259d Changed upload from single file to array 6 years ago
kanadeko 570f6c3ce3 Print and save tokens 6 years ago
kanadeko 7b72c3e560 Added generation of random token 6 years ago
kanadeko 55e2d17636 Admin panel, pomf-standarization and stuff 6 years ago
kanadeko a246fc8365 Frontend done 6 years ago