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Bobby Wibowo 425a32a501
Updated _variables.scss 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 34d3601c30
Transitioned styling to Sass
Added new dev dependencies:
bulma, gulp-sass, node-sass

Updated some dependencies

Various other things related to styling

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 3c2abcfadd
Improvements to newsfeed.js
Cleaned up some CSS

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 6daa1e529e
Added src/js/misc/newsfeed.js
A small script to pull feed from blog.fiery.me as news thingy.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo d29621d5ff
Make render.js standalone
Despite that, it still expects the existence of a so-called main script
in "page" variable, and also expects to be loaded by it instead,
with an internal check to load itself if the main script fails to call
itself within the expected conditions.

Improved button colors in SweetAlert prompts.

Refactored window.onload() to DOMContentLoaded's event listener.
This should essentially allow pages to have multiple scripts that listen
to that event.

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 8bcee712ac
A toggle button to show original file names
For admins, preference for your personal uploads list and Manage uploads
aren't shared, just like thumbs/lists toggle.

Non-keyed keywords for filtering will now apply to original names too.

Added a new fontello icon for this button.

Various other things I'm too lazy to write.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 5e5d5c5647
Manage albums admin page, and more!
Resolves #194.

Added pagination for Manage your albums page.

Albums sidebar will now only list 9 albums at most.
Use Manage your albums page to view the rest.
Albums in the list will now have View uploads button after all.

Delete album button for albums renamed to Disable album.
Since techincally the server would've always been disabling the albums
instead of deleting them.
It was something upstream dev's decided, and I haven't bothered changing
its behavior.

I'll work on actual Delete album feature some other days.

As the title says, added Manage albums admin page.

Viewing uploads of an album will hook into albumid: filter key.

I'll work on filter and bulk operations some other days.

Updated styling for disabled albums and users.
Instead of havine a line through them, they will be greyed out.
Disable public page of albums will still use line through however.

Links to album's disabled public page are now clickable.

Added a new button styling is-dangerish.
It'll be orange.

Renamed /api/albums/delete to /api/albums/disable.
For backwards compatibility, /api/albums/delete will still work
but automatically re-routed to /api/albums/disable.

/api/uploads/list will no longer print SQLite errors for moderators
or higher when encountering them.
It was originally used to inform moderators of non-existing colum names
when used for sorting.
But on one of the recent commits, I had added a check for allowed colum

Improved some caching in dashboard page.

Added new entries to cookie policy.

Some other small things.

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 4c2157e7d2
Updated style.css
Fixed .is-wrappable having "wrong" height when empty.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 64ab8e20b2
Updated auth page, amont other things
"Login or register" subtitle and Register button will no longer be shown
if enableUserAccounts are disabled in config.

Updated auth.js to continue working even when register and/or login
buttons cannot be found.

Added .is-wrappable support for .button elements.
This makes the text inside the buttons "wrappable" to next lines.
Do note that this will cause the buttons to get taller when they do need
to wrap their texts.

Updated "Log in to upload" button in homepage uploader use the new
.is-wrappable class.
Their texts will also now be split into two lines.
Anonymous upload warning specifically will now instead say
"Log in or register".

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 86b51fe5f5
Added Cookie Consent, among other things
This adds Cookie Consent library at public/libs/cookieconsent.

Added views/cookiepolicy.njk.

Added a new config option cookiePolicy. Disabled by default.

Updated views/faq.njk to use variables wherever applicable.
The variables are initiated at views/_globals.njk.
The said file also contains variables used at views/cookiepolicy.njk.

Restored messages about Cloudflare to FAQ.
They will be shown only if config.cloudflare.purgeCache is enabled.

Statistics will now capitalize first letters of the keys instead.

Updated background color of SweetAlert modals.

Moved table styling from dashboard.css to style.css (global),
since table will also be used in Cookie Policy page.

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 9c56dd327a
Updated dependencies
systeminformation: 4.23.9 -> 4.26.1
eslint-plugin-compat: 3.5.1 -> 3.6.0

Renamed all .eslintrc.json to .eslintrc.js.

Removed unnecessary init for missing params in favor of default params.
Buble will take care of compiling that for old browsers.

Bumped ecmaVersion for client JS from 6 (2015) to 7 (2016).
Buble should support compiling ES2016 features as well.

Properly deny some actions when an online section is still loading.

Properly apply progress cursor on items/buttons that shouldn't be used
while an online section is still loading.

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 51c5a81b18
!!! RUN "yarn migrate" !!!
Added "yarn migrate" as alias for "node ./database/migration.js".
Updated README.md about it.

Added a new column to users database: registration.
It will be used to store user's registration timestamp.
Registration date will be displayed in Dashboard's Manage Users.
Since this is a new column,
existing users will not have registration dates.

Last token change date will now be displayed in Dashboard as well.

<code> elements will now properly have relative font size.

User ID will now be displayed in Edit user dialog for reference purpose.

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 7b676bb9fd
Added retina/2x home logo
Rebuilt client assets and bumped v1 version string
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 99cdcb9bdb
Updated dashboard
Disable all pagination buttons when any pagination button is still
loading (this includes jump to page input).

Rebuilt client assets and bumped v1 version string.
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 1c260c87b0
Added feature to create new user from Manage Users
New admins-only API route: /api/users/create

Restored checkboxes and bulk buttons in Manage Users
Currently useless, as bulk operators are still WIP

Added filter input in Manage Users, currently WIP

Rebuilt client-side assets and bumped v1 version string
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo e3281a3300
Updated style.css: Color of bolded text in FAQ 3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 2f0560ee1e
Updated FAQ
Removed extra margin from whitelist/blacklist extensions list
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 049b41f7ea
Improved FAQ page by a lot
Added categories
Added more questions (including link to my brand new Patreon)
Added a floating button to return to the homepage uploader
A bit of CSS prettifying (style.css)
3 years ago
Bobby Wibowo d9ddfe8e9a
Implemented stripping tags from images
... and optionally videos using ffmpeg (still experimental).

Users can choose whether to strip tags of their uploads or not from
the home uploader's Config tab (safe.fiery.me will have it disabled
by default).

The behavior will also be applied to the downloadable ShareX config.

Server owners can choose to force either behavior.

Make sure to add the new config from config.sample.js.


Fixed all instances of "e.i." to "e.g.".
My English sucks okay.

Bumped v1 version string.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 78cea4a4b9
Fixed margins of upload entries
Previously, margins in "Newer files on top" were bigger due to
difference in handling margins when in flex mode.

I noticed margins are still different in IE on my tests, but bleh.

Bumped v1 version string
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo a8c702065f
Implemented descriptive upload progress
Say goodbye to upload progress bar 👋

Bumped v1 version string
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 37266fb05b
Fixed chunk size message in FAQ
Updated background color of code HTML tag.

Bumped v1 version string.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 0d51833bbc
Disable jump to page input when there is only 1 page.

Disable prev/next pagination buttons if applicable.

Updated styling of disabled inputs.

Bumped v1 version string.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo e581edd5d7
Updated progress bar background color 4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 4f04225ba0
Added delete user feature.
API: /api/users/delete
json: id<number>, purge[boolean]
By default will not purge out files, but will still clear userid
attribute from the files.
All associated albums will also be marked, and have their ZIP archives
be unliked, if applicable.

Fixed purging albums not properly reporting amount of associated files
that could not be removed, if any.

Fixed moderators being able to disable users by manually sending API
requests, if they at least know of the user IDs.
They could only disable regular users however.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 5e60b01fe6
Updated dashboard.css
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 9d77a9b9b1
Updated dashboard.css 4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 510f686250
Updated styling 4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 411d17e1fb
* Changed colorscheme to black (experimental).

* Fixed ClamAV failing to report names of dirty files.

* Removed built-in support for Google site verification (globals.njk).
Just use HTML verification with public directory,
or manually edit home.njk.

* Bumped v1 version string.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 84a3de0d8d
Fixed statistics columns width in browsers except Firefox.

And a few other things.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 9e9b0d4439
Updated some dev dependencies.


Gulp will now build CSS/JS files during development into dist-dev
directory, to prevent IDE's Git from unnecessarily building diff's.

Added dist-dev to ignore files.


The entire config fille will now be passed to Nunjuck templates for ease
of access of config values.

Root domain for use in Nunjuck templates will now be parsed from config.

Better page titles.

Updated help message for "Uploads history order" option in
homepage's config tab.

Added "Load images for preview" option to homepage's config tab.
Setting this to false will now prevent image uploads from loading
themselves for previews.

Uploads' original names in homepage's uploads history are now

Min/max length for user/pass are now enforced in auth's front-end.

Improved performance of album public pages.
Their generated HTML pages will now be cached into memory.
Unfortunately, No-JS version of their pages will be cached separately,
so each album may take up to double the memory space.

File names in thumbnails no longer have their full URLs as tooltips.
I saw no point in that behavior.

Added video icons.
Homepage's uploads history will now display video icons for videos.

"View thumbnail" button in Dashboard is now renamed to "Show preview".
Their icons will also be changed depending on their file types.

Added max length for albums' title & description.
These will be enforced both in front-end and back-end.
Existing albums that have surpassed the limits will not be enforced.

A few other small improvements.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 21f39dff9d
Updated axios to v0.18.1.
Also added its source map.

Updated lazyload to v12.0.0.
Also added its source map.

Added bulma's source map.


Moved fontello.css from public/libs/fontello to src/libs/fontello,
to make use of CSS builder.

Updated thumbnails styling to properly make sure the thumbnails are
displayed as 200x200 (their actual configured dimension).

Added fixes to some flexbox's bugs that affect IE 10/11.
The safe should display much better in those browsers now.

Show files' expiry dates in thumbs view.

Updated global error handlers in home.js.
I will do similar setup with dashboard.js in the future.
Just not now, I'm tired.

Only load renders after API request to /api/check has been initiated.

Used native lazyloading on album pages' nojs version.

Removed unnecessary is-expanded class.

Rephrased max upload size disclaimer in nojs uploader page.

Bumped v1 and v3 version strings.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo 4d308206c7
Added new option "Uploads history order" into homepage's config tab.
When set to "Newer files on top", this will use flex-direction CSS
property to reverse sort the uploads history.

Added new entires to todo.md.

Bumped v1 version string.
4 years ago
Bobby Wibowo c9ba16e1d6
Updates (very important to read)
Client-side CSS & JS files will now be processed with Gulp.
Gulp tasks are configured in gulpfile.js file.

CSS files will be optimized with postcss-preset-env, which will
auto-add vendor prefixes and convert any parts necessary for browsers
Afterwards they will be minified with cssnano.

JS files will be optimized with bublé,
likewise for browsers compatibility.
Afterwards they will be minified with terser.

Unprocessed CSS & JS files will now be located at src directory, while
the processed results will be located at dist directory.

Due to bublé, the JS files should now be compatible up to IE 11
at the minimum.
Previously the safe would not work in IE 11 due to extensive usage of
template literals.
Due to that as well, JS files in src directory will now extensively use
arrow functions for my personal comfort (as they will be converted too).

The server will use the processed files at dist directory by default.
If you want to rebuild the files by your own, you can run "yarn build".
Gulp is a development dependency, so make sure you have installed all
development dependencies (e.i. NOT using "yarn install --production").


yarn lint -> gulp lint

yarn build -> gulp default

yarn watch -> gulp watch

yarn develop -> env NODE_ENV=development yarn watch


Fixed not being able to demote staff into normal users.

/api/token/verify will no longer respond with 401 HTTP error code,
unless an error occurred (which will be 500 HTTP error code).

Fixed /nojs route not displaying file's original name when a duplicate
is found on the server.

Removed is-breeze CSS class name, in favor of Bulma's is-info.

Removed custom styling from auth page, in favor of global styling.

Removed all usage of style HTML attribute in favor of CSS classes.

Renamed js/s/ to js/misc/.

Use loading spinners on dashboard's sidebar menus.

Disable all other sidebar menus when something is loading.

Changed title HTML attribute of disabled control buttons in
uploads & users list.

Hid checkboxes and WIP controls from users list.

Better error messages handling.
Especially homepage will now support CF's HTTP error codes.

Updated various icons.
Also, added fontello config file at public/libs/fontello/config.json.
This should let you edit them more easily with fontello.

Use Gatsby icon for my blog's link in homepage's footer.

A bunch of other improvements here & there.
4 years ago