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versions.json is the file that tells Nunjucks what version strings to append to client-side lolisafe assets (only crucial if you use Cache-Control).

To bump the version, it's recommended to use use yarn bump-versions.

$ yarn bump-versions
$ node ./scripts/bump-versions.js
Bump version strings for client-side assets.

node scripts/bump-versions.js <types>

Space separated list of types (accepts 1 to 5).
1: CSS and JS files (lolisafe core assets + fontello.css).
2: Icons, images and config files (manifest.json, browserconfig.xml, etc).
3: CSS and JS files (libs from /public/libs, such as bulma, lazyload, etc).
4: Renders from /public/render/* directories (to be used with /src/js/misc/render.js).
5: Fontello font files.
a: Shortcut to update all types.

By default, running yarn build will also run node ./scripts/bump-versions.js 1.


fontello.css itself will use type 1, but its font files will use type 5.

Gulp will automatically append the version string into the built fontello.css in dist directory when running yarn build (or dist-dev when running yarn develop).

To bump type 5, you would have to run yarn bump-versions 5.


Version strings will NOT be used when cacheControl in config.js is not enabled, since they are only necessary when the assets are being cached indefinitely in browsers.

However, type 5 will still be appended to the built fontello.css if it exists in versions.json file.