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Bobby Wibowo 51c5a81b18
!!! RUN "yarn migrate" !!!
Added "yarn migrate" as alias for "node ./database/migration.js".
Updated about it.

Added a new column to users database: registration.
It will be used to store user's registration timestamp.
Registration date will be displayed in Dashboard's Manage Users.
Since this is a new column,
existing users will not have registration dates.

Last token change date will now be displayed in Dashboard as well.

<code> elements will now properly have relative font size.

User ID will now be displayed in Edit user dialog for reference purpose.

Bumped v1 version string and rebuilt client assets.
3 years ago
db.js !!! RUN "yarn migrate" !!! 3 years ago
migration.js !!! RUN "yarn migrate" !!! 3 years ago